Abortion Might Be A Viable Option If You Find Yourself Facing These Situations

Abortion Might Be A Viable Option If You Find Yourself Facing These Situations

8 November 2017
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Many women are joyful upon learning that they are pregnant, but this isn't always the case. There are also women for whom this news is concerning and even downright scary. If you're among this group and have just found out that you're pregnant, your mind may be filled with questions about how you should proceed. If the thought of abortion comes up, you should consider visiting a clinic like Womens Clinic of Tallahassee to talk about the process. Unless you've had an abortion in the past, this is likely a topic with which you're unfamiliar, but a consultation appointment with a medical professional can help you to decide whether this procedure is right for you at this time. Here are some times that you may opt for this procedure.

You Were Sexually Assaulted

If you became pregnant as a result of a sexual assault, the idea of keeping your child may be highly undesirable for you. This is a prime situation in which abortion becomes a logical choice. While some women may choose to deliver the child and give him or her up for adoption, the very idea of carrying the child to term is something that other women would not want. Although you should always alert the police to the details of your sexual assault, this is a time that abortion might be right for you.

You Have Plans That Don't Include A Child

Even if you like the idea of becoming a mother at some point in your life, this may not be the case right now. For example, perhaps you're in high school and you have goals of completing high school, attending college to earn your degree, and then joining a specific industry. Having a child in the short term could delay or even prevent these dreams from taking place, and you may be unwilling to let your future be altered because of your unexpected pregnancy.

You Have A Lifestyle That Isn't Conducive To Having A Child

Ideally, you'll be able to honestly assess your current lifestyle and decide whether it's fair to include a child in it. For example, if you have dependency issues with alcohol or drugs, introducing a child to this environment would be troubling. Similarly, perhaps you have legal issues and you wonder if jail time might be in your future. Or, perhaps you simply have trouble with relationships, and the idea of getting a stable partner with whom to raise a child seems unlikely. In each of these cases, choosing to abort the child may be in your best interest.

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