Why Are Ultrasounds Included In An Abortion Appointment?

Why Are Ultrasounds Included In An Abortion Appointment?

12 September 2022
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When you get an abortion done, you may be surprised to see that an ultrasound is part of the process. There are many reasons for this occurrence and in many cases, ultrasound services are for your own health and benefit. 

Learn why you may receive an ultrasound as part of your abortion appointment so you are not surprised by the event. An ultrasound may be given before or after your abortion.

To determine how far along you are

An abortion cannot be given after a certain amount of time, and some states have shorter spans of time in which abortions can be legally done. An ultrasound can be given to determine how far along you are. If you are pregnant and considering abortion, visit a health clinic or women's support center to speak about your abortion options and schedule an ultrasound to determine how far along you are so you know what your options are.

To help you finalize a decision

An ultrasound may be part of the abortion process as a benefit to you. If you are unsure about getting an abortion or feel this is your only option but aren't entirely confident in your decision, an ultrasound can help you understand the finality of your situation once and for all. An ultrasound allows you to hear the baby's heartbeat and see the tiny being as it sits in your womb, which can help you solidify your decision, one way or the other.

To ensure the abortion is completed

Once you have an abortion done, you may receive an ultrasound to ensure there is no remaining fetus in the womb and that the abortion was completed successfully. Sometimes an abortion pill—intended to encourage a miscarriage so you can have an abortion at home—or a traditional abortion in a doctor's office can leave behind bodily matter or leave tissues from your pregnancy behind. If you have an ultrasound following your abortion, you can have peace of mind that your abortion was complete and that you remain in good health and have not put your reproduction abilities at risk.

An abortion is one of many options you have when you become pregnant. An ultrasound is intended to assist you in the process of abortion and to keep you in good health throughout the process. An ultrasound services company will meet your ultrasound needs and can be a service outside your abortion service.

Contact a local women's health service, such as Hope Pregnancy Center, to learn more. 

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